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The Elaine Wellness community is meant for women who know radiant beauty begins within and embrace aging as a privilege. Our collagen is for women who care about healthy hair, skin and nails.

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A thyroid autoimmune disorder caused my hair to break and fall out, my skin was super dry and my nails were brittle and breaking.  I learned first hand that beauty starts inside.  I added a daily dose of collagen to my diet and it's given me vibrant hair, skin and nails.  It's self-care in a cup. 

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Why our collagen?

Quality is our promise to you.  We care about the source of our collagen as much as you do.  Our grass-fed bovine collagen peptides are from one single supplier here in the United States.

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collagen Recipes

Collagen Chamomile Moon Milk

Collagen Chamomile Moon Milk

Moon Milks are based on the Ayurvedic tradition of sipping warm milk to ground your body before slipping off to sleep—think of them as lattes desig...

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