The Midlife Blueprint


Midlife is a powerful transition, not an ending!

Are you ready to unlearn all the negative, scary messages you’ve been told about aging and learn how to look and feel your best so that you can thrive in midlife?
Rise above the statistics and reclaim your health, vibrancy, and energy.

In this in-depth, 8-week course, Elaine shows you step by step the intersection of mindset, nutrition, and movement to create a life you love in midlife and beyond.

  • How to eat for fat loss, energy, stamina, vitality, and to feel your best.
  • The exercise you need to look and feel great - it's likely not what you think.
  • How food and exercise impact sleep in midlife.
  • Mindset tools to step into the second half of life on your terms.
  • Simple, actionable tips and hacks to add to your daily routine to feel your best.


Customer Reviews

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Lauren Wood
Game Changer!

Loved this course - so many good tips and tricks to use daily. Really glad I did it and loved the community of women to help support one another and share tidbits with. Highly recommend.