"The best collagen.  So much better than the mass produced stuff.  Zero taste or flavor."   ~Susie B.


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Lauren Wood
The best collagen

We love this collagen - it's the best. It dissolves so quickly. You can put it on top of coffee and it just dissolves so well - no clumps.

Stephanie Hauser
I love this product!

This is my first time really getting into the collagen game and I’ll never try anything else! In just a few weeks, I feel healthier and more vibrant, and the difference in my skin, nails, and hair is already noticeable. It’s easy to incorporate into my routine, and I’ve already recommended it to friends and family. Fantastic all around!

Diana Naramore
The BEST Morning Routine You Can Do For Yourself!

One scoop in my morning coffee is THE WAY TO GO to deliciously welcome the day and the gateway to healthier skin, hair and nails - not to mention rejuventating my overall gut health! Thank you for creating such a easy to dissolve powder to jump start my day and invest in my long term health!

Pure Collagen

What I like the most is, it has no taste and easy to take. As to how effective it is, I can't say for now. I do not know as to how long it will take to work for my problems. I will continue taking it, I am on my second order.

No more knee pain!

I’ve had pain in my left knee for years from playing contact sports. It has gotten progressively worse. I started taking ELAINE wellness collagen to see if it would help with inflammation/pain, and to give my joints some much needed love. To my delight, after nearly two months, and combined with upping my daily water intake, my knee is pain free. Fantastic product, no taste and dissolves easily in my morning coffee. I highly recommend.

"My hairdresser said less hair is falling out and she sees new hair growth!" ~Rebecca S.