How to take collagen supplements

I highly recommend supplementing with collagen since we no longer eat a collagen-rich diet.  Collagen is one of the easiest supplements to take because you get to decide how to incorporate it into your daily routine.  Try it in different beverages and foods and see what's the best way for you.

Collagen has no taste and can easily dissolve into most beverages and foods.  Be sure to stir well so it fully incorporates.

Easily add it to your morning cup of coffee or tea or whip up for your favorite smoothie.  It can also be added to yogurt or your morning oatmeal.  The possibilities are endless.

It can be added to baked goods like cookies and muffins and will not affect the taste.  Soups are another way to easily incorporate collagen.

The time of day you take it does not matter.  Like any supplement you take consistency is important.