Self-Care With Collagen While Staying at Home

Stay at home orders have us missing our beauty services.

Yes, I'm missing these services like weekly manicures and monthly hair color and facial appointments because I like the way they make me look and feel.  But, it's also about the hour that someone else takes care of me.  It's my moment to be still and read a magazine or catch up with my service providers who are more than that.  They're also friends who are a consistent presence in my life.  They know all the ups and downs and support me through it all.  

I find that beauty services are also part of the rhythm and routine of my life.  I know as humans we crave routine and certainty as part of our daily lives.  Without it, we feel displaced and lost.  It's why we're feeling like one day rolls into the next and we lose track of the day of the week.

Without these beauty treatments, it's forcing us to evaluate our own beauty standards that we feel we must live up to.  Gray roots that are appearing, broken and dry nails from so much hand washing, and skin that's feeling neglected are some of what may be making us feel less beautiful.  There is an opportunity as the treatments we all rely upon are unavailable to discover our true beauty.  Are we using beauty services to enhance our inner and outer beauty or are we using them to mask and hide parts of ourselves that we don't feel good about?

As stay at home orders give us the chance to go inward and sit with ourselves there is an opportunity to examine our beauty beliefs.  I know my gray roots that I used to cover ever 5 weeks have me questioning if it's time to let it grow in.  I've been asking myself what is the fear of having gray hair?  Do I think I'll be perceived as old?  I haven't decided what I'll do once we're allowed to go back to our beauty routines.

Collagen has been one of my best beauty tools.  Your body's natural collagen production plummets after age 25.  It's made worse by the fact it's nearly impossible to get enough collagen from your diet alone.  We no longer eat a diet of collagen-rich foods making it hard to get it only through food.  Collagen strengthens and beautifies your hair, skin & nails. I cannot emphasize this point for you enough. Your hair, skin, and nails are literally all made of collagen.

In the meantime, I'm making sure to take my daily collagen to support and promote vibrant hair, skin, and nails.  I call it my beauty self-care in a cup.  After all our outer beauty is a reflection of our inner health.  Nurture your beauty from within.

While we're staying at home this is a great time to build a new habit and routine by adding collagen to your daily coffee, tea, smoothie, yogurt or oatmeal.  Get creative and see our recipes